Daily Discovery: Inês Loubet – Olha o Rio

Inês Loubet releases her new single “Olha o Rio,” inspired by her vivid experiences during Brazil’s carnival. This track begins with a vibrant portrayal of Carnival morning in Rio de Janeiro, capturing the essence of samba’s rhythm and communal spirit. The song transitions to Salvador’s carnival, incorporating the afoxé rhythm with instruments like timbal and congas. Featuring flutist Ruta Sipola, the song embodies the energy and warmth of Brazilian festivities.

“Olha o Rio” is part of Loubet’s upcoming debut album, Senga, which showcases her distinctive sound, blending Latin-jazz, tropicália, and dynamic grooves. The album chronicles her journey from Portugal to Brazil and London, addressing themes like nature, travel, and human emotions through danceable rhythms and intricate jazz harmonies.

Senga will be available from the 17th of May via Albert’s Favourites. You can listen to the album and get your copy HERE