Daily Discovery: Harold Battiste Jr. – Movie Star

“Movie Star,” featured on Songs from the Vault: Reel #5, is a track that vividly encapsulates the collaborative spirit of the late jazz musician Harold Battiste Jr. and composer Jane McNealy.

Originating from their 1970s sessions, the song melds funk rhythms with jazz elements, showcasing Battiste’s emotive saxophone work alongside McNealy’s layered keyboard and synthesised sounds.

Jane McNealy began her career in the 1960s in Los Angeles, composing and recording over 200 songs across various genres, from pop to funk. Her work often merges traditional sounds with innovative elements, reflecting her broad musical scope.

Harold Battiste Jr., a key figure in the New Orleans music scene, expanded his influence as a producer, arranger, and educator. Notable for founding AFO Records, the first African-American musician-owned label in the South, Battiste’s work shaped the careers of many, including Sonny and Cher and Dr. John.

The track “Movie Star” exemplifies the rich heritage and enduring creativity of both McNealy and Battiste.

You can listen to and get your copy of the EP HERE