Daily Discovery: Ezra Collective – God Gave Me Feet For Dancing (ft. Yazmin Lacey)

Ezra Collective‘s upcoming album, Dance, No One’s Watching, is anticipated by the single “God Gave Me Feet For Dancing” fetauring London-based singer/songwriter Yazmin Lacey, blends jazz with elements of afrobeats and soul.

Set for release on the 27th of September, the album showcases the band’s signature dynamic rhythms and vibrant brass arrangements, illustrating their approach to blending traditional jazz with Afro-Caribbean sounds. Dance, No One’s Watching, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, captures the essence of community and celebration. The recording sessions were lively and spontaneous, attended by friends and family of the band members, which added to the festive atmosphere.

The music video for the single “God Gave Me Feet For Dancing,” directed by Tajana Tokyo and featuring choreographers Kikz Katika and Michele Zan, visually complements the album’s themes. It transforms everyday locations into vibrant spaces of dance and connection, emphasising the unifying power of music and movement.

You can find more info about the upcoming release HERE