Daily Discovery: Emiliano Sampaio x Meretrio – Arrasta Pé Creme de Milho

Emiliano Sampaio is a Brazilian guitarist, trombonist, composer, and arranger based in Austria since 2012. With over ten albums under his belt, Emiliano is known for his work with the Meretrio, a group he founded in São Paulo in 2004 alongside bassist Gustavo Boni and drummer Luis André de Oliveira.

Meretrio started as a trio focused on exploring the diversity of Brazilian popular music but expanded its lineup in 2014 to include six horn players for the Mereneu Project, enhancing their sound with a richer, orchestral texture. This evolution marked their move from Brazil to Austria, where they have continued to develop and refine their distinctive blend of tight, groove-oriented sound that allows for considerable improvisational freedom.

The track, “Arrasta Pé Creme de Milho,” from the band latest album celebrating its 20th anniversary, exemplifies this fusion, integrating traditional Brazilian rhythms with jazz and global styles, showcasing the trio’s diverse musical interests and the acoustic nylon guitar sound characteristic of Brazilian music.

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