Daily Discovery: DJ iDJa & Ramona Linnea – Mijjen Vaerieh, Mijjen Aerpie (A Peaceful Place)

“Mijjen Vaerieh, Mijjen Aerpie” featured in the forthcoming album Stories from Sápmie by DJ iDJa and Ramona Linnea fuses electronic rhythms with elements of Sámi culture to highlight issues of indigenous rights and environmental conservation.

DJ iDJa revitalises Sámi music by weaving together traditional melodies with modern electronic genres such as drum & bass, house, and techno, pushing the boundaries of Sámi music into new territories.

Ramona Linnea, who began her musical journey in 2020, showcases the South-Sámi language and the art of yoik singing in her work. She aims to draw attention to her heritage and the significance of yoik, reflecting on the historical context in which her grandmother was prohibited from speaking South-Sámi due to previous assimilation policies in Norway.

The duo, set to release their debut album Stories from Sápmie draws inspiration from the landscapes, mythology, and indigenous struggles of the Sápmi region. They have crafted a varied sonic palette by integrating natural sounds from Helgeland with electronic elements, spanning genres like ambient, house, pop, and d’n’b, all deeply connected to the essence of Sápmi’s environment.

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