Daily Discovery: Addict Ameba ft. Joshua Idehen – Look at Us

The latest single, “Look At Us,” by Milan-based band Addict Ameba, is part of their anticipated album Caosmosi, which will be unveiled on the 19th of April through La Tempesta.

Teaming up with Anglo-Nigerian artist Joshua Idehen, the Milan-based collective, featuring eleven musicians from diverse backgrounds, delivers a compelling plea for humanity amidst societal turmoil. Idehen’s evocative lyrics, coupled with an enticing mix of afrobeat, funk and jazz, address themes of conflict, neocolonialism, and environmental degradation, advocating for self-reflection and societal transformation.

Incorporating a diverse range of musical influences, including Afro-funk, punk, desert-blues, Latin, and Ethio-jazz, Caosmosi promises to be an eclectic and boundary-pushing album.

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