Poscast: Radio Mukambo #539 – Groove in Transit

A lot of global hiphop on Radio Mukambo with the delicious encounter of Lou Piensa‘s multilingual flows & Mental Abstrato‘s Afro-Brazilian jazz beats on “Still in Transit”, our album of the week.

We also dive into the new EP by Danish hiphop duo Dafuniks and Hippo Sound System‘s fusion of ancestral rhythms & modern dance music.

A podcast by Mukambo also must have some afrobeat: Jembaa Groove‘s new single featuring K.O.G. ++ afrofunk from Benin by Vincent Ahehehinnou.

To finish off with some Chinese reggae & junk yard jazz. Talking about a global trip! 🙂

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Album of the week: Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato Still in Transit

1. Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato feat. Eme Alfonso – Piensa
2. Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato – Mountain Top
3. Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato – Space Cuica
4. Dafuniks feat. Kuku Agami – My Girl
5. Franz Von feat. Nikisha in the Woods – We All Rise
6. Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato – Free Free
7. Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato feat. Waah & Fabriccio – Bom Balanço
8. Dafuniks feat. Particle Man – Brakes On
9. Jembaa Groove feat. K.O.G. – Sweet My Ear
10. Vincent Ahehehinnou – Joba
11. Nadia Eva – Love is Terrible
12. Stinging Ray – Upside Down
13. Gaïsha – Ana Aïcha
14. Hippo Sound System – Search For The Ape (interlude)
15. Hippo Sound System – Gorilla
16. schroothoop – Tanz der Quallen
17. schroothoop – Macadam



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