BLACK CAT, WHITE CAT, (aka CRNA MACKA, BELI MACOR), Zabit Memedov (bottom), 1998, © October Films

Your ticket to… Balkan Music

The Balkans has always been the most unstable European region. Its boundaries are still today volatile and migrations, wars and disputes have regularly scarred the peninsula. This also means that Balkan culture and music have constantly been influenced by foreign elements, adopting and blending them together with the proudly home-grown ones. As a matter of fact, Balkan music is one of the richest in the world, expressing the different lineaments of its authors and harmonising together local music with elements coming from the Gypsy, Ottoman, Arabic, Greek, Slavic and Byzantine cultures.

Being impossible to expose all the music styles and forms originated from the “multi-everything” region and wildly played by its gifted musicians, we decided to choose a selection of the most meaningful, popular and dancy tunes with particular emphasis on the up-and-coming music identity of the Region: Balkan Beats.