Daily Discovery: Rézeleje Fanfárosok – Honnat Madár Nem Jő Erre

Rézeleje Fanfárosok, established in 2020, specialise in performing Moldavian, Hungarian and Balkan dance music. Their shows transport audiences with a blend of traditional melodies and a contemporary twist, highlighted by the crisp sound of a brass band.

Their debut album, Beköszönő, marks a significant milestone in their journey. In just 16 and a half minutes, it encapsulates their origins, influences, and evolution.

The standout track on the EP is “Honnat Madár Nem Jő Erre.” This seven-minute musical journey, presented in its live rendition at the Fonó Buda Music House, pulsates with ‘hora’ rhythms and is enriched by melodies from Csángó Hungarian flute tunes. This track exemplifies how the band merges traditional folk music with modern brass sounds to create a dynamic and engaging musical experience.

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