Video Premiere: Natty – Things I’ve Done (27th June 2018)  

There’s arguably no need for introducing an artist like Natty… The London-based singer/songwriter, with Afro-American and Italian roots and an unconditional love for reggae, has reached the 10th year of his career and will celebrate the anniversary with an upcoming special release.

Instead, what we would like to present and have the pleasure to premiere is the brand-new video for “Things I’ve Done”, the latest single extracted from his 2016 album Release The Fear released by .

With more intimate, even introspective tones, getting closer to blues and soulful atmospheres, Natty embarks on an acoustic inner exploration. Through the five-minute song, he looks back at his life, listens to it and narrates how it unfolded to his child (who was still in the womb at the time).

Special and visual effects are not required when you recall your everyday story. That’s the reason why the video is unvarnished too: real and elemental as only life can be.

“Things I’ve done is the most personal song and video I have ever chosen to release. It was written in a state of redemption just before my first child was born and the video was recorded by a close friend of mine. It’s fitting that this is the final release before we celebrate 10 years with a new album and tour.”