Playlist: Seby Ntege Band x Arsenal of Sounds

After a short break, Arsenal of Sounds is ready to be back on the Beanfeast Space’s stage at Woolwich Works!

On Friday 3rd of February, we are going to dance the winter chill away with the rhythmic fire ignited by Mulele Matondo and his Matondology RIOT jam and Seby Ntege Band!

The two acts will offer a full-immersion in African vibes bringing to South-East London their warm and enthusiastic attitude.

As we usually do, we would like to get you acquainted with the sound of the two bands with two playlists compiled by the musicians featuring their inspirations, influences and present-day music listening.

Enjoy the first selection, hand-picked by Ugandan multi-instrumentalist Seby Ntege and his band members!



- To get your ticket/s for the event follow this LINK -