Rhythm Passport Vol.78 – Klik & Frik – Refugio Mixtape

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With a brand new mixtape introducing their fresh from the oven EP Refugio, published by Big in Japan in mid-November and just reissued on vinyl, we welcome to Rhythm Passport Argentinian visionary folktronica and organic house duo Klik & Frik.

Under the moniker of Frikstailer, Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona set their musical adventure in motion in Cordoba in 2006. “Fusing cumbia with dancehall, hip-hop and electronic beats, they took tropical to extraterrestrial levels and tore up unsuspecting dancefloors across the world”. 

In 2013, after having been invited to play at Mutek Mexico, they started exploring indigenous sounds and blend them with deeper electronic production. The result is a hypnotic, ritualistic and meditative blend called Klik & Frik.

Refugio, their third release, is a “reflection on the need for human connection, refuge and a noble reason to keep going at a time when the world is burning both politically and literally” and the mix they prepared for us fully embodies the spirit and energy of the EP.


Set list

01. Beatriz Pichi Malen – Canción Para Dormir a un Niño

02. Laraaji – All of a Sudden (Klik & Frik Edit)

03. Hassan Ben Jaafar – Song For Maltan (Klik & Frik Remix)

04. Nils Frahm – All Armed (Monvol Remix)

05. Waldemar Bastos – Sofrimento (Klik & Frik Remix)

06. El Remolón & Bárbara Silva – Adiós Pueblito de Iruya (Klik & Frik Remix)

07. Ulises Lucas – Ele E Jurameiro (Nikosh Edit)

08. Klik & Frik – Refugio

09. Klik & Frik – Las Penas

10. Klik & Frik – Achalay

11. Dandara – Caracal (Klik & Frik Remix)