Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 71 – May 2022

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Track List:

1. Calypso Rose – Watina (feat. Santana & The Garifuna Collective) [from Watina; Maturity Music / Stonetree Music / Because Music] 00:00 – 03:03

2. Fanfare Ciocarlia – First Aid Klezmer [dunkelbunt] remix [from First Aid Klezmer [dunkelbunt] remix EP; Asphalt Tango Records] 03:04 – 07:11

3. CimarrónParranda Quitapesares Con Zapateo [from La Recia; Cimarron Music] 07:12 – 11:31

4. Planeta Polar – Si Mami [from Puro Carnaval; Some Other Planet Records] 11:32 – 15:19

5. Alex Figueira – Juicy [from Juicy /Aprende; Music With Soul] 15:20 – 19:00

6. Linda Ayupuka – Yine Faamam [from God Created Everything; Mais Um] 19:01 – 23:20

7. Faizal Mostrixx – Transitions [from Transitions; Glitterbeat Records] 23:21 – 28:22

8. Nadine Altounji – 3ALA BALI ft. Dana El Masri & Ali Omar El-Farouk [from The Stories that Tie Us to Trees Vol.1; NJAM Music] 28:23 – 32:48

9. Punku – Tutamanta [from Punku; Six Degrees Records] 32:49 – 36:39

10. Shunaji – Why Don’t You (feat. Ayy) [from Why Don’t You] 37:40 – 40:39

11. Uji – Kinto [from Timebeing; ZZK Records] 40:40 – 44:28



It’s that time of the month when we launch our very own music exploration in the form of an 11-track compilation. 

For the 71st time, we cross the oceans and skies to bring you some of the freshest vibes from the four corners of the world.

This month, we have picked tunes from the Middle East, the Balkans and the Baltics, Western and Eastern Africa, our London backyard, the Caribbean and Latin American tip to toe. 

So, get your Rhythm Passport ready, download our monthly mix, turn the volume of your speaker up to 11 and listen to the world!


Only available until 06th June 2022