Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 70 – April 2022

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Track List:

1. Batida feat. Mayra Andrade – Bom Bom [from Bom Bom; Crammed Discs] 00:00 – 03:27

2. Maga Bo – Amor (É Revolução) feat. Dandara Manoela and BNegão [from Amor (É Revolução); Kaxambu Records] 03:28 – 07:51

3. Rabii Harnoune & V,B.Kühl – Aisha [from Aisha; Tru Thoughts] 07:52 – 13:29

4. Akram Abdulfattah – Ardi [from From Here] 13:30 – 16:51

5. Hazem B feat. Nidhal Yahyaoui – Chmissa [from Afrochawi; Shouka] 16:52 – 22:49

6. Lua Preta – Essa Preta Me Mata [from Essa Preta Me Mata] 22:50 – 25:19

7. Emmanuel Jal – Rakaboom [from Rakaboom; Gatwitch Records] 25:20 – 28:55

8. Soom T – Don’t Stand For Dis [from Good; X-Ray Production] 28:56 – 32:39

9. Indus Meets Palenque Records – Pajaro de la Mar [from Indus Meet Palenque Records Vol.2; Palenque Records] 32:40 – 36:08

10. La Carisalve & Toné Vicioso – Madre [from Madre] 36:09 – 41:11

11. Bonbon Vodou feat. Piers Faccini – Si Rogré (Souleance Remix) [from Si Rogré; Heavenly Sweetness] 41:12 – 45:38


Dance to the beats of the world with our compilation!

Whether you are lying, sitting, walking, running or engaged in any other activity… The 70th episode of our monthly compilation is an invitation to move your feet, ankles, shoulders, heads and everything in between.

We hand-picked some of the freshest and most dancy and rhythmic tunes from around the world to put together a 45 minutes mix and give you 11 reasons to let yourself loose and live it up, even in these awful times.

That’s how, by downloading our free album, you will indulge in the Afro-Luso and Afro Brazilian vibes of the brand-new singles by Batida (featuring Mayra Andrade) and Maga Bo; the inherently Northern African electro-gnawa of Moroccan gnawa Master Rabii Harnoune accompanied by German electronic producer V.B. Külh, as well as Tunisian housey gasba sound by Hazem B. Then, some Middle Eastern airy fusion by Akram Abdulfattah followed by pure and bassy kuduro by Polish-Angolan duo Lua Preta.

You are also going to enjoy Indian-scented uptempo courtesy of Soom T and conscious Afro-pop by Emmanuel Jal. Finally, we will invite you to rediscover some back-to-the-roots uplifting feelings with Dominican ensemble La Carisalve, Afro-Colombian Las Alegres Ambulancias and Indus, and soothing creole electro-pop from Reunion Island by BonBon Voudou.


Only available until 05th May 2022