Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 69 – March 2022

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From the Caribbean to the northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido, South Africa to the UK, the Indian Ocean and Réunion to France and Palestine to Latin America and Peru, we can’t stop traveling the world-music world to discover its wonders.

The brand-new episode of our monthly compilation is indeed an eclectic and inspired collection of quality tunes from all over the world.

In our 45-minute mix, you’ll find the colourful calypso storytelling of Canadian-Trinidadian Kobo Town, a forward-looking take on Northern Japan folk and the tonkori courtesy of OKI, sweet-sounding and heart-warming Afro-soul by Berlin-based German-Kenyan duo Jembaa Groove, and after that, Palestinian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rasha Nahas and her inventive and poignant songwriting.

Then, you will also enjoy the mesmerizing and lyrical Afro-electro-pop sung in Bassa and Xhosa by collaborative French-Cameroonian and Spanish-South African projects Trio SR9 & Blick Bassy and NIN3S & Toshi.

Electro-maloya airy vibes by Italo-Australian Ribongia and Reunionese Kaloune followed by the bassy Afro-house of Praktika and MC Waraba. Tropical-scented global beats by Deela & Los Chicos Altos. Şatellites and their psychedelic synth-pop adorned by vintagy Anatolian grooves, to close with the Afro-Peruvian and Andean polyrhythms by QOQEQA.

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Track List:

1. Kobo Town – Carnival of the Ghosts [from Carnival of the Ghosts; Stonetree Music] 00:00 – 03:47

2. OKI – Yaykatekar Dub (Love Dub) [from Tonkori in the Moonlight; Mais Um] 03:48 – 08:49

3. Jembaa Groove – Yafo Nu [from Susuma; Agogo Records] 08:50 – 12:40

4. Rasha Nahas – Ya Binti يا بنتي [from Ya Binti يا بنتي ; RMAD Records] 12:41 – 16:33

5. Trio SR9 – One Last Time feat. Blick Bassy [from One Last Time; Nø Format!] 16:34 – 20:07

6. NIN3S feat. Toshi – Khokhoba [from Kokhoba; Dorado Records] 20:08 – 26:19

7. Ribongia x Kaloune – Mon Kèr [from Mon Kèr; Babani Records] 26:20 – 30:07

8. Praktika feat. MC Waraba – Five Power [from Nyamakala Beats n°3; Blanc Manioc] 30:08 – 33:25

9. Deela & Los Chicos Altos – Ulé [from Ulé; Switchstance Recordings] 33:26 – 38:01

10. Şatellites – Yar Oi [from Şatellites; Batov Records] 38:02 – 41:27

11. QOQEQA – Xi [from ZZK Sound Vol. 4; ZZK Records] 41:28 – 46:54


Only available until 05th April 2022