Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 65 – November 2021

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The 65th episode of our monthly compilation focuses its attention on Central and Western African sounds. From Congo (Kasai Allstars & Mulele Matondo Afrika) to Ivory Coast (Kasfelgues) via Nigeria (Oliver Nayoka) and Ghana (Seaboy) setting out on new and vintagy afrobeat, funk, reggae and Igbo rhythms…

But that’s not all because we also cross over to Latin America to pay a visit to Argentina and Colombia for some imaginative folktronica (Lagartijeando & Dat Garcia) and smooth tropical dembow (Acid Coco). Then we welcome on board gnawa-scented grooves from Tel Aviv (Shay Hazan), militant dub vibes from Paris (Dubamix) and we close with an uplifting collaborative song inspired by the Mauritian and Taiwanese traditions and their Indo-Pacific cultural connection (Small island Big Song).

So, get ready to download another Rhythm Passport compilation bringing and blending together the sounds of the world!


Track List:

1. Kasai Allstars – Ngoma Yande [from Black Ants Remixes; Crammed Discs] 0:00 – 04:55

Mulele Matondo Afrika – Gaillard Zero [from Gaillard Zero] 04:56 – 09:29

3. Oliver Nayoka – Njiri Mara Mụ Bụ Egwu (Music Is My Identity) [from Aja Wele Wele; Palenque Records] 09:30 – 16:36

4. Seaboy – Africa [from Essiebons Special 1973 – 1984 // Ghana Music Power House; Analog Africa] 16:37 – 23:01

5. Kasfelgues – Wake Up [from Other Morning; Rootsy] 23:02 – 27:06

6. Lagartijeando – Tierra Natal feat. Eva de Marce [from La Tercera Vision; Wonderwheel Recordings] 27:07 – 30:40

7. Dat Garcia – Cada Uno con Su Bandera [from Las Fuerzas Almadas; ZZK Records] 30:41 – 34:32

8. Acid Coco – Mundo de Mentira [from Mundo de Mentira; El Palmas Music] 34:33 – 37:08

9. Shay Hazan – Remove the Talk [from Reclusive Rituals; Batov Records] 37:09 – 39:31

10. Dubamix – Solidaridad feat. Mal Élevé & Lengualerta (Krak in Dub Remix) [from La Haine du Capital] 39:32 – 43:09

11. Small Island Big Song – Listwar Zanset feat. Emlyn & Putad [from Small Island Big Song] 43:10 – 48:05


Only available until 07th December 2021