Review: Clap Clap, Mo Kolours, Branko & Anchorsong @ Shapes (London, 28th May 2016)

Headliner Clap! Clap!‘s recorded works are experimental, African infused electronica, arguably, made to make you think. His DJ set is tropical bass, evidently, made to make you dance! He spectacularly collaborated on a few tracks on Paul Simon’s 2016 album, Stranger to Stranger. This onetime jazz musician has the cerebral qualities of Aphex Twin and the commercial potential of Diplo.

It was a mellow start to the night with Anchorsong and his refreshingly live set up of keyboards, loops and MPC. The format of his show wasn’t like a DJ set; it had gaps that were met with applause. His varied performance included tweaked steal pans, funky elements, strings, jungle and electro, all packed with melody and a touch of acid.

With seven years of regular Soundcrash gigs under his belt, his experience showed, as he dropped ever-harder sounds and the tempo increased. Anchorsong is a gentle soul, and his crowd interaction was sensitive and timely.

The more moody Mo Kolours created a less engaging atmosphere with vocals, scatting and MCing over reworks, covers and original material. Accompanying himself with bongos, his down tempo beats and natty dreads simulated sound system culture.

Branko came with the floor to the floor eclecticism. His set definitely rocked the crowd, taking you on a journey through techno, kwaito, South African house and beyond. Just what the doctor ordered!

Clap! Clap! was full of energy. Bringing what could be described as a Central African bass set. His passion for performance and catchy, uncomplicated rhythms are infectious. His musicality shines through as he parades his singularly unique optimistic breaks and sunshine rave. For fans of his music, it was comforting to hear vocals and samples from his debut release, effortlessly blended with the touch of a virtuoso crowd pleaser.

Clap! Clap! simply has the magic… and the love of what he does is a beacon that attracts.