Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #76

Sweet September, 2,5 hours of music with 7 albums of the month and songs of the day.

Starting with 3 songs of the day by Andy One, Penny Penny and Kemal Rachid. Our albums of the month start with traditional ritual Hauka folk music from Niger by Lingo Seino and his group (Sahel Sounds), followed by Dutch-Senegalese-Gambian futurist funk band Dandana (Rebel Up), Japanese-Colombian cumbia by Minyo Crusaders & Frente Cumbiero (Mais Um Discos) and Meridians Brothers new cumbia pop opus album (Bongo Joe).

Still in Colombia, we travel into more electronic spheres via the ancestral bass of Ghetto Kumbé (ZZK Records), Brazilian baile funk bass by producer Vhoor , the compilation African Electronic Diaspora or Black Lives Matters and anti racist & black initiative NGO’s (Rebel Up) and Blacksea Nao Maya’s new experimental Afro Tuga sound (Principe Discos) and finishing with a short Bxl agenda.

Download here > https://bit.ly/3c3UUNI

SONG OF THE DAYKemal Rachid et ses OttomansLoukoum
.Penny Penny – Yogo Yogo
.Andy One – Mental Vimb

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Lingo Seini et son GroupeMusique Hauka (Sahel Sounds)
.Lingo Seini et son Groupe – Gomno Ankreyze
.Lingo Seini et son Groupe – Fadimata

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: DandanaFree The System (Rebel Up)
.Dandana – WDYK (Yo Lor Chi Ham)
.Dandana – Mon Afrique
.Dandana – Ever Living

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Minyo Crusaders and Frente Cumbiero – present MINYO CUMBIERO (Mais Um Discos)
.Minyo Crusaders and Frente Cumbiero – Cumbia del Monte Fuji
.Minyo Crusaders and Frente Cumbiero – Tora Joe

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Meridian BrothersCumbia Siglo XXI (Bongo Joe Records)
.Meridian Brothers – Los Golpeadores De La Cumbia
.Meridian Brothers – Cumbia De La Amistad
.Meridian Brothers – Cumbia Totalitaria
.Meridian Brothers – Cumbia Del Pichamán

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ghetto Kumbé – Ghetto Kumbé (ZZK records)
.Ghetto Kumbé – Tambó
.Ghetto Kumbé – Pila Pila
.Ghetto Kumbé – Lengua Ri Suto (feat Kombilesa Mi)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – African Electronic Diaspora: Black Lives Matter (Rebel Up)
.Disco Vumbi – Ni Wewe
.Rey Sapienz – Omadlisa
.Diron Animal – Tira o Pé Feat. PONGO and XPTO
.Lua Preta – Somnilokwie

.VHOOR – Perninha
.VHOOR – Catucadao
.VHOOR – Mao na Parede

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Blacksea Nao MayaMaquina de Venus (Principe Discos)
.DJ Kolt – Obscuro
.DJ Noronha – Estranhos e Loucos
.DJ Kolt – Africanalidade



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