Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #104

Nightshop radio show for March via Radio Campus Bxl, Groovalizacion Radio & Rhythm Passport.

Starting with 3 songs of the day from Buenos Aires via UK, Tunisia & Italy and a Belgian Bolivian song produced in Colombia.

We have nine albums of the month, starting with a spritual & jazz album from Guadeloupe, followed by the international Belgian group Jiraan Ensemble and their instrumental eastern Mediterranean sound, Somalian band Iftin group and their 80’s funk sound and the debut of the mixed trad punky Geneva band Yalla Miku.

More electronic album via Turkish French group Biensüre and their oriental synths, Tunisian artist Ghoula with his electro-Maghreb album, a focus on the fundraiser compilation ACIL Urgent Solidarity Music to help ictims of the earthquake in Turkey, Kurdistan & Syria via 54 songs by international artists, the Ugandan experimental album by Rian Treanor & Ocen James and ending with Egyptian electro chaabi artist 3Phaz and his experimental bass.

Download here: bit.ly/3mQcO09

Track list:

Don Plok & Soom T – Wandering Thoughts
Nuri – OMG feat Clap Clap
Susobrino – Sabana Mensajera

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Polobi & The Gwo Ka MastersAbri Cyclonique (Real World Records)
Polobi & The Gwo Ka Masters – Kawmélito
Polobi & The Gwo Ka Masters – Mendémélé
Polobi & The Gwo Ka Masters – Zion

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Jiraan Ensemble – Sirto (Zephyrus Music)
Jiraan Ensemble – Saba Syrto
Jiraan Ensemble – Pentozali

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Iftin Band (Kooxda Iftin) – Mogadishu’s Finest: The Al-Uruba Sessions (Ostinato Records)
Iftin Band – Aaway Axdigii aynu isku Ogeyn (Where is our Promise) feat. Shukri Musse
Iftin Band – Umaayey iyo Abo (Mother & Father) feat. Axmed Sharif Killer & Safiyo Axmed Mansuur
Iftin Band – Imtaxaanka Dunida (The Test of Life) feat. Mahmud Abdalla Jerry- Hussein

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Yalla MikuYalla Miku (Bongo Joe)
Yalla Miku – Tortije
Yalla Miku – Être Astre
Yalla Miku – Hyper Tigre

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: BiensüreBiensüre (We Want Sounds)
Biensüre – Eyvah Eyvah
Biensüre – Güzel Mi
Biensüre – Aman

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: GhoulaDémi-Ecreme (Shouka)
Ghoula – Zinek
Ghoula – Drum Gasba
Ghoula – Iwaywa

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – ACILUrgent Solidarity Music (Radio Chiguiro)
Orieta Chrem & Selvagia – Milagro
Max Le Daron feat. Massood – Garate
BoogzBrown – Damdamé
Rizan Said – Şahi

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Rian Treanor & Ocen JamesSaccades (Nyege Nyege)
Rian Treanor & Ocen James – Naasaccade
Rian Treanor & Ocen James – Bunga Bule
Rian Treanor & Ocen James – Rigi Rigi

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: 3PhazEnds Meet (Discrepant)
3Phaz – Sharayet
3Phaz – Shoulder Dance
3Phaz – Labash



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