Rasha Nahas @ Water Rats (London; Tuesday 21st March 2023)

Berlin-based Palestinian musician Rasha Nahas is set to perform on Tuesday at the iconic Water Rats in London as part of her tour promoting her brand-new album Amrat.

The LP features Arabic-language lyrics throughout and marks Nahas’ return to her mother tongue. Amrat is a genre-defying and narrative-focused work that explores themes of nostalgia and longing, blending contemporary electronica with old-school singer-songwriter style.

Despite a hand injury that temporarily sidelined her guitar playing, Nahas was able to channel her creativity into producing electronic music with synth loops, resulting in the first chapter of Amrat. The second chapter is an anthology of songs inspired by rural scenery, featuring Nahas’ signature songwriting enveloped by tender vocalisation and a constellation of percussion that travels across West Asia, North Africa, via Andalusia, and back to Berlin.

Amrat enjoys contributions from talented indie musicians in Palestine, including percussionist Rami Nakhlee (of TootArd) and composer and multi-instrumentalist Rimon Haddad. It also includes a collaboration with renowned Egyptian singer Dina El Wedidi.

Nahas is known for her captivating live performances, which are driven by candid lyrics and unapologetic energy. Her gig at the Water Rats promises to be no exception, as she performs in a trio format, leading with guitar and vocals, accompanied by Altair Chagué (Drums) and Jelmer de Haan (bass).


- Tickets for the gig are available HERE -