Playlist: Raka x Arsenal of Sounds

Two more weeks and the Balkan Express will leave its Woolwich Works‘ sidings for a two-hour journey sliding on frenzied, wild and quality Eastern European melodies and rhythms.

On Friday the 2nd of December, for the fourth episode of Arsenal of Sounds, we will host Raka and Balamuc and their Balkan, Gipsy, klezmer, Turkish, Mediterranean (and many, many more) sounds.

To make the waiting a bit more exciting and flavourful, Raka and Balamuc have put together two playlists featuring their influences and inspirations…

We kick off with 8-piece band Raka and their sound bond to the Romani tradition as well as Bulgarian and Macedonian rootsier repertoires.

Book your ticket/s, pack your (Rhythm) passport, get ready to get aboard the Balkan Express and enjoy Raka’s playlist!


- You can buy your ticket/s for the 4th appointment 
of Arsenal of Sounds HERE -