Podcast: Radio Mukambo #499 – Afro Power Ensemble

Muito Kaballa‘s second album Mamari, the first one with the Power Ensemble, is album of the week on Radio Mukambo. Jazzy afrobeat made in Cologne (Germany).

The podcast also serves touareg rock, Brazilian rap, Ghanaian afrofuturism, rubacumbia, French hip-hop, Ethiopian tradition embracing the sound of machines and some heavy dub beats.

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Album of the week: Muito Kaballa Power EnsembleMamari


  1. Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Aga Aga<
  2. Dag Tenere – Koud Edhaz Emin
  3. Dag Tenere – Iswat
  4. Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Money.Equal.Trouble
  5. Krak in Dub – Guajiralta
  6. Cumbiasound – Voici
  7. Gaspar Z’África – Soul Periferia
  8. ONIPA feat. Franz Von – Chicken No Dey Fly
  9. Rumble – Round
  10. Gaspar Z’África feat. Grupo Bongar – Palavra Sai do Chão
  11. OZFERTI – Yemane Barya
  12. Krak in Dub feat. Absalón y Afropacífico – Viche, Tumbacatre y Arrechón
  13. Zenzile x Irie Ites x Trinity – Dread inna Babylon Discomix
  14. Zion Train – Leopold Senghor Dub




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