Podcast: Radio Mukambo #498 – Hip-Hop Caboclo

Gaspar Z’Africa is the greatest rapper you’ve never heard of! The adept of hip-hop culture from São Paulo went on field trips to the north and northeast in search of Brazilian beats to produce a rap album soaked in the rhythms of the country’s African and indigenous roots. “Hip-Hop Caboclo, Em Busca das Batidas Brasileiras” is album of the week on Radio Mukambo.

We listen to new afrobeat by A’mosi Just a Label (Angola) and Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble (Germany), Touareg rock by Dag Tenere and some heavy dub music by Zion Train (UK) and Zenzile x Irie Ites x Trinity (Jamaica/France).

We also listen to some Latin beats by Bagunço, Cumbiasound, La Dame Blanche x Amanda Magalhães and Alex Figueira.

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Album of the week: Gaspar Z’ÁfricaHip-Hop Caboclo


  1. Gaspar Z’África – Kolofé
  2. A’mosi Just a Label – Muntu
  3. Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Don’t Go Too Far
  4. Dag Tenere – Tihoussay Tenere
  5. Gaspar Z’África feat. Dona Onete & Mestre Zampa – Barro Alto
  6. Zenzile x Irie Ites x Trinity – Can’t blame the youth Discomix
  7. Zion Train – Thomas Sankara Dub
  8. Bagunço – Catagnomo (Infared Remix)
  9. CumbiasoundO.V.N.I
  10. Gaspar Z’África feat. Tambores do Mundo – Tambor da Justiça
  11. Bagunço – Catagnomo (Mista Monk Remix)
  12. La Dame Blanche feat. Amanda Magalhães – Mata Sede
  13. Gaspar Z’ÁfricaOgum Insano
  14. Alex Figueira – Maracas




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