Radio Mukambo #495 – Spicy Balaphonics

Spicy Boom Boom by Balaphonics from France is album of the week on Radio Mukambo, a mix of balafon and other West-African influences with brass and afro-grooves.

The podcast serves new singles by Esinam (Ghana/Belgium), Alex Figueira (Portugal/Venezuela), Rumble (France) Havana meets Kingston (Cuba/Jamaica). We discover DJ Grissino‘s new EP I’m Migrant Just Like Sound remixes and finish off with “the sound of the police”.

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Album of the week: BalaphonicsSpicy Boom Boom


  1. Balaphonics feat.Franz Von (K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade) – Incredible Energy Vibes
  2. ESINAM feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi New Dawn
  3. Alex Figueira – Maracas
  4. Rumble – InLakesh
  5. Balaphonics – Onalala
  6. DJ Grissino – I’m Migrant (Underground Smooth Remix)
  7. DJ Grissino – Favela Afrobici (Grissino Remix)
  8. Havana Meets Kingston feat. Brenda Navarrete – Havana Meets Kingston
  9. Havana Meets Kingston feat. Brenda Navarrete & Dayan Carrera Fernandez – Caribe Especial
  10. Little Harry – We No Fear
  11. Balaphonics feat. Jupiter & Okwess – Kokanisa Nabo
  12. DJ Grissino – Futuristic Prayer (Litothekid Remix)
  13. Khalab & M’berra Ensemble – Dancing in a Desert Moon
  14. NWA – Fuk Da Police
  15. Cut Killer – Assassin de la Police



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