Podcast: Radio Mukambo #485 – Legacies & Legends

This week Radio Mukambo celebrates legacies and honours legends. “Legacy +” is our double LP of the week, by Femi Kuti and Made Kuti, son and grandson of the great Fela Kuti. Both bring their own peculiar blend of afrobeat.

We also pay tribute to two legends who left us: the pioneer of toasting U-Roy (reggae, Jamaica) and vocalist Guitinho de Xambá of Grupo Bongar (samba-de-côco, NE Brazil). That and more music from Ethiopia, Congo, Angola, Argentina, Italy & beyond!

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Album of the week: Femi Kuti & Made KutiLegacy +


    1. U-Roy – Dreadlocks Dread

    2. Grupo Bongar – Xambá

    3. Grupo Bongar + Maga Bo – Machadeiro

    4. Femi Kuti – Pa Pa Pa

    5. Made Kuti – Free Your Mind

    6. Azmari – Doni

    7. Femi Kuti – Set Your Minds And Souls Free

    8. André Sampaio meets Victor Rice – Vida É Vento

    9. Lee Fry Music – Rabitaan

    10. La Fuerza Mayor – Afrocrespo

    11. Dekula Band – Coltan Sounds

    12. Ikoqwe feat. Octa Push – Vai De C@N@!

    13. Zafîf – Heure de Pointe

    14. Nomågik & Koudede – Tagha Fleur Hagkam