Podcast: Radio Mukambo #476 – Umbundu Beats

Batida is back with a collection of remastered tracks, unreleased mixes and lost versions on Um, a title with a double meaning as it’s both number 1 in Portuguese as “hmm”, an Angolan sound to start many words in Umbundo language, the main language spoken in Huambo, the city where artist Pedro Coquenão (aka Batida) was born. “Um” is our cd of the week.

Radio Mukambo also focuses on Radar Station, a project by producer/musician Toby Mills with influences going from Ethiopia and Nigeria to a UK vibe of heavy bass and jazz. We discover Sahas, a new afrobeat band from Japan +++ new sounds by Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork (Senegal), Alibombo (Colombia), Faraon Bantu y ChampetaMan (Palenque Records).

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CD of the week: BatidaUM


  1. Batida – Ufeko Disole (Batida Remix)
  2. Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork – Bitakola
  3. Sahas – Senju Kannon
  4. Sahas – Fudo Myoo
  5. Radar Station – Green Banana
  6. Radar Station – Addis To Lagos (dubbed out mix)
  7. Battle of Santiago – Queen
  8. Alibombo – La Cumbia del Himalaya
  9. Cabruêra – Forro Esferogra
  10. Faraon Bantu y ChampetaMan – Fiesta en el Palenque de Benkos (Dj Rata Piano)
  11. Batida – Yumbala (AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire Remix feat. Folo Graff)
  12. Batida – Pobre e Rico (DJ Satelite Remix)
  13. Faraon Bantu y ChampetaMan – El Tomao (DJ Rata Piano y ChampetaMan)
  14. Batida – Alegria (Octa Push Funaná Remix)
  15. Ancient Astronauts feat. Spyda MC – Ddala