Podcast: Radio Mukambo #471 – Budapest Groove x Kampala Fire

Radio Mukambo takes you to Budapest to discover the pioneering Hungarian afrobeat group The Mabon Dawud Republic. The young band already toured in Ghana where they recorded with highlife legend Pat Thomas and vocalist and kologo player Stevo Atambire. Their debut LP is our cd of the week, on out Budabeats Records.

We have a special focus on Kampala’s vibrant music scene with Ancient Astronauts‘ new EP Kampala Fire, showcasing young and raw vocal talents from all over the Ugandan capital.

We listen to new singles by La Chiva Gantiva x Jupiter & Okwess = Colombia meets Congo + KRAUT (Amsterdam), Nuri (Kopenhagen) ++ new remixes by Bial Hclap (Mexico) and The Rebel (Italy x Brazil).

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CD of the week: The Mabon Dawud RepublicThe Mabon Dawud Republic


  1. The Mabon Dawud Republic feat. Stevo Atambire – Mawadidoh
  2. Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos – La Pulga
  3. El Gran Capitán – Aprender a Jugar Ganar Ganar (AAJGG)
  4. The Mabon Dawud Republic feat. Pat Thomas – Gyae Abrabo
  5. Kodjovi Kush & Afrospot All Stars – Mawuto
  6. La Chiva Gantiva feat. Jupiter & Okwess et El Callegüeso – Todo Bien
  7. Sonido Gallo Negro – Chaneque (Bial Hclap Remix)
  8. KRAUT – Lilium
  9. Dedy Dread & The Rebel feat. Keila Abeid – Quero ver você dançar (Instrumental)
  10. Nuri – Yiri
  11. Ancient Astronauts feat. C Wyne Nalukalala – Ghetto Youth Never Give Up
  12. Ancient Astronauts feat. Bani Fyah – Pump Up The Sound
  13. Ancient Astronauts feat. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble – Source Of Life