Podcast: Radio Mukambo #467 – Everybody Get Groove

This week we travel to Lagos, Nigeria, to discover the new album by BANTU, the collective led by Ade Bantu that has been serving a tasty fusion of afrobeat, Afro-funk & Yoruba music for over 20 years. Everybody Get Agenda is cd of the week on Radio Mukambo.

We also listen to new afro-sounds by Electric Mamba, Jujjumusic, Zong Zing All Stars, Supergombo & Andres Digital and announce the fourth NYP Records compilation: Global Afrobeat Movement, presented by Mukambo!

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CD of the week: BANTUEverybody Get Agenda

1. BANTU – Killers and Looters
2. Eddy & The Ethiopians – Barabics
3. Zong Zing All Stars – Mutuashi
4. Electric Mamba – Zingo
5. Jujjumusic – We shall overcome
6. BANTU – Cash and Carry
7. Supergombo – Ekows
8. Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra – Wonder Us (Renegades Of Jazz remix)
9. BANTU feat. Seun Kuti – Yeye Theory
10. Fanga feat. Tony Allen & Segun Damisa – Iba (Dark Fader remix)
11. Andres Digital – Have Seen The Future



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