Podcast: Radio Mukambo #466 – Invisible Invasion in the Land of Breaks

This week we have two cd’s of the week. Adventures in the Land of Breaks sounds like a hiphop/broken beat soundtrack for an imaginary Tarantino movie, orchestrated by Funky Bijou from France, out on Sterephonk. Global Control / Invisible Invasion is a trip to India and Carnatic singing through bass by Tunisian producer Ammar 808, on Glitterbeat Records.

We also listen to some ethiojazz, afrobeat & hiphop.

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CD of the week: Funky BijouAdventures in the Land of Breaks
CD of the week: AMMAR 808Global Control / Invisible Invasion



1. Eddy & The Ethiopians – Riff De Guayla
2. Funky Bijou – Lido Break
3. Funky Bijou – Yekatit Remix
4. Funky Bijou – Mountain Funk
5. Funky Bijou – Combination Break
6. Funky Bijou – Secundo
7. Funky Bijou – Worldwide Instr
8. Frankosun and the Family – Adjanmanon
9. Jujjumusic – I was blind
10. Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra – Wonder Us
11. AMMAR 808 feat. Kali Dass – Ey paavi
12. AMMAR 808 feat. Yogeswaran Manickam – Summa Solattumaa
13. Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth – DWYCK (Amerigo Gazaway Remix)