Podcast: Radio Mukambo #459 – Dubbing You Crazy

A lot of reggae & dub on Radio Mukambo, including our cd of the week “Dub Me Crazy” by Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart. A collaboration between Vienna’s finest dub collective and an Italian producer adding modern dub technology.

We highlight the EP Global Funk Sound System Vol.1 by DJ Makala, an Afro-Cuban adventure in Jamaica. Muyiwa Kunnuji & OSEMAKO add a touch of highlife on their new single and we commemorate Tony Allen‘s 80 birthday. We listen to some ethiogroove before traveling to 1970s Guadeloupe and Cape Verde.

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CD of the week: Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets DubblestandartDub Me Crazy


  1. Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart feat. Marcia Griffiths – Holding You Close
  2. DJ Makala – El Nengón Changüí
  3. DJ Makala – Cienfuegos-Negril
  4. Jahricio feat. Jah Guidance – Rise Up
  5. Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart feat. Tanice Morrison – Let It Flow
  6. Muyiwa Kunnuji & OSEMAKO – Bro Hugh
  7. Tony Allen – No Discrimination
  8. Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Stolen Land
  9. Ethioda – Freestyle
  10. Guy Conquette & Son Groupe – Ping Pong
  11. Voz Di Sanicolau – Nha Antonia Engracia
  12. Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart feat. Anthony B – Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk (Extended mix)