Podcast: Radio Mukambo #456 – In/depen/dance

This podcast is my way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Congo, through contemporary musicians from Kinshasa & the Congolese diaspora in Brussels. Including a re-take of the classic “Indépendance Cha-Cha” + the master of Congolese guitar Dizzy Mandjeku. In Belgium it’s mainly through rap & slam that the likes of Baloji, Fredy Massamba, Badi & Joy Slam express themselves, while in Kinshasa the artists let the modernity loose on their traditional rhythms.

Bantou Mentale from Kinshasa delivers the cd of the week, “Congo Animal”, the future sound of the Congo. A soundtrack for the new world, mashed together from bits of over-cranked kalimba, Kasai beat inspiration, keening vocals from the apocalypse, all looped, sequenced & cloned by Doctor L. We also listen to upcoming Congotronics band KOKOKO! ++ producer Poirier sampling soukouss legend Kanda Bongo Man.

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CD of the week: Bantou MentaleCongo Animal


  1. Asali – Génération Lumumba
  2. Baloji feat. Royce Mbumba – Le Jour d’après/Siku ya Baadaye (Independance cha-cha)
  3. Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá – Nasinalapi Ndayi
  4. Les Tambours de Brazza – Nzila Bangou
  5. Fredy Massamba feat. Tumi Molekane – Unity
  6. Badi – Matongé
  7. Badi – Belgicain
  8. Baloji – Kongaulois
  9. Sahad & The Nataal Patchwork – Independence / Dipàndaa
  10. One Cell Foundation feat. Joy Slam – Génération Lumumba
  11. The Grasspoppers – Cassius
  12. Bantou Mentale – Moto
  13. Bantou Mentale – Bantou Drive
  14. Poirier – Sowia
  15. KOKOKO! – Malembe
  16. Bantou Mentale – Anakonda