Mix: Radio Mukambo #562 – Golden Age Grooves

Radio Masoda, the new album by the Cameroonian master musician and composer Franck Biyong, blends Central Africa’s widely influential Makossa music with afrobeat, Congolese rumba and soukous, Ghanaian highlife and other regional styles. A tribute to the classic/golden age of African music, and how Congolese rumba served as a bedrock for artists and musicians all across Africa.

Ẹ̀rín Collective from Bologna, Italy, also dives into the Golden Age of Nigerian music to create a debut album of fresh & contemporary global afrobeat.

We also listen to new releases by The Selenites Band (ethiojazz), The Sandman Project (Middel Eastern funk), Lindigo & SOFAZ (maloya), Bab L’Bluz (gnawa rock), Atàndá (afrobeat) & Ozferti (ethiotronics).

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Ẹ̀rín CollectiveAlternative Positive

Album of the week: Franck BiyongRadio Masoda


  1. The Selenites Band – Addis Streets
  2. Ẹ̀rín Collective – Resistance
  3. Franck Biyong feat. Mary May – Lipanda
  4. Ẹ̀rín Collective – Macumba
  5. Sandman Project – Before The Storm
  6. Bab L’Bluz – IWAIWA FUNK
  7. Lindigo – Kartyé Maloya
  8. Franck Biyong feat. Chief Udoh Essiet, Tony Allen – Oladipo
  9. SOFAZ – Maloya Zordi
  10. Atàndá – Ogundele
  11. Laíz & The New Love Experience – Bagdá
  12. Transglobal Underground – Chant Sans Adresse (Blind Date Visions Remix by Genetic Drugs)
  13. OZFERTI – Shadows of Ambassel



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