Podcast: Radio Mukambo #451 – Jungle Ablaze

Jungle Fire literally puts the dancefloor on fire with their tropifunk made in LA, incorporating African rhythms including afrobeat with Latin funk. Their self-title third album is cd of the week on Radio Mukambo.

We listen to ethiogroove, a new single by Kolonel Djafaar (Belgium), there’s quite quite some afrobeat to announce the official launch of the Global Afrobeat Movement (Facebook and Instagram pages). We finish off with some Latin music, including the debut solo single by Juanita Euka, a new album from London fusionistas Lokkhi Terra and Afro-Venezuelan twins La Gallera Social Club.

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CD of the week: Jungle FireJungle Fire


  1. Jungle Fire – Pico Union
  2. The Selenites Band – Muzikawi Silt
  3. Kolonel Djafaar – The Heist
  4. Break Ya Bones Afrobeat Orchestra – Na Lies
  5. Batunga & the Subprimes – Let Dem In
  6. Les Frères Smith – Sittin’ in the dark
  7. Jungle Fire – Masa
  8. Etienne de la Sayette feat. Racecar – Jajinmori
  9. Juanita Euka – Alma Seca
  10. Jungle Fire – Emboscada
  11. Lokkhi Terra – Como
  12. La Gallera Social Club – Manduco

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