Podcast: Radio Mukambo #450 – Mutant Groove

Plenty of afrobeat again this week on Radio Mukambo as we announce the GLOBAL AFROBEAT e-FEST, a Facebook live stream mini-festival this Saturday by Rhythm Passport & Mukambo. With a live set by Carapaus Afrobeat feat. Kologbo, DJ-sets by Chief Commander Yaaba, Eric Soul & Mukambo. Three talks: Women in Afrobeat, Tribute to Baba Tony and Global Afrobeat Movement, about the global scale afrobeat has today, with Amayo of Antibalas, pioneers of the afrobeat revival.

Our CD of the week, Mutation, is also afrobeat, made in France by Les Frères Smith. We listen to some tropifunk by Jungle Fire, ethio-groove by The Selenites Band and Mulatu Astatke with Black Jesus Experience and there’s even a little shout out to Little Richard. Last but not least, Dr. Drumah sampled his 70s African vinyl collection to make a beat-tape, The Confinement Vol. 01 Africa, where Fela meets 90s hip-hop.

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CD of the week: Les Frères SmithMutation


  1. Les Frères Smith – Empty Belly

  2. The Selenites Band – Yekatit

  3. Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Lijay

  4. Santrofi – Kwaa Kwaa

  5. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra – Uprising

  6. Carapaus Afrobeat feat. Kologbo – OK People

  7. Dr. Drumah feat. Mista Monk – The Antidote

  8. Dr. Drumah – Africanism

  9. Dr. Drumah – Shadow Dance

  10. Dr. Drumah – Shining And Smiling

  11. Les Frères Smith feat. Seun Kuti – No Waiting

  12. Jungle Fire – Quémalo

  13. Little Richard – Tutti Frutti

  14. Dr. Drumah – Freedom Fighters

  15. Dr. Drumah feat. Mista Monk – Remains Of The Day

  16. Dr. Drumah – Front Line