Podcast: Radio Mukambo #449 – Let the Groove Fly!

On their debut album Alewa (cd of the week), Santrofi brings a new wave of fresh highlife directly from the streets of Accra, Ghana. The eight musicians around bassist and producer Emmanuel Ofori are deeply rooted in vintage Ghanaian highlife music, with influences ranging from the fast-paced pulse of 70s dance-guitar highlife over highlife funk to the polyrhythmic beats of afrobeat. Out on Outhere Records.

Santrofi in Akan mythology is a rare and precious bird, identified by its bright colours and four wings. It is so unique, it’s forbidden to be hunted. Attempting to catch and lock up the bird will bring bad luck. If spotted and left to fly away, great luck and fortune can be expected. So let the bird fly!

Radio Mukambo also serves contemporary afrobeat by Bantu, Break Ya Bones Afrobeat Orchestra and Batunga & the Subprimes. We listen to new reggae singles by Frassman Brilliant (Jamaica), Blakkamoore (Guyana) & Jamaican Jazz Orchestra (Beljam) and finish of with some Latin beats by La Perla (Colombia) and Nakury & Barzo (Costa Rica).

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CD of the week: SantrofiAlewa


  1. Santrofi – Odo Maba
  2. Frassman Brilliant feat. Jubba White – Concrete Jungle
  3. Blakkamoore – Mash Down Georgetown
  4. Jamaican Jazz Orchestra – Hold The Phone
  5. The Selenites Band – Yekatit (Funky Bijou RMX)
  6. Sweet Talks – Angelina
  7. Santrofi – Cocoase
  8. Break Ya Bones Afrobeat Orchestra – Taller
  9. Bantu – Disrupt The Programme
  10. Bantu – Niger Delta Blues
  11. Batunga & the Subprimes – Gates of Ouantou
  12. La Perla – Guayabo
  13. Nakury & Barzo – Para Mi Gente