Podcast: Radio Mukambo #445 – Carapaus on Dengue Fever

No corona nor bats on Radio Mukambo this week, but mackerels on dengue fever! The mackerels (carapaus) bring us to Lisbon, where a bunch of Brazilian and Portuguese musicians are making their own blend of afrobeat. Carapaus Afrobeat deliver our album of the week, Dois.

The dengue virus, a mosquito-borne tropical disease, takes us to Lima (Peru) for the Humos EP, a collection of remixes, edits and unreleased tracks to celebrate Dengue Dengue Dengue‘s 10th anniversary.

Then the podcast travels to the Caribbean with Philo & Les Voix du Tambour (Martinique), Proyecto Secreto (Caribbean vibes made in Gent), Eek-a-Mouse (Jamaica) ++ Africa with Damily (Madagascar), Bamba Wassoulou Groove (Mali) & Antibalas (Brooklyn).

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CD of the week: Carapaus AfrobeatDois


  1. Carapaus Afrobeat – Slowly

  2. Lia de Itamaracá – Meu São Jorge

  3. Philo & Les Voix du Tambour – Lévé Lanmen Dézapiyé

  4. Proyecto Secreto – Stop Drinking

  5. Carapaus Afrobeat – Piri Piri

  6. Antibalas – Amenawon

  7. Bamba Wassoulou Groove – Bina

  8. Carapaus Afrobeat – Canela Fina

  9. Damily – Mangebakebake

  10. Chabuca Granda – Cardó o Ceniza (DDD Remix)

  11. Los Mirlos – Chinito en Onda (DDD Remix)

  12. Tremor – Proa (DDD Remix)

  13. Eek-a-Mouse – Assassinator (Green Lion Crew Remix)