Podcast: Radio Mukambo #444 – Wassoulou Grooves

If you wanna see the corona dancing, put on this heavy dance machine in your ghettoblaster. This fusion of rock, funk, trance & Malinese wassoulou music, the sound of Bamako by night, might even prove too hot for the virus to handle! Bamba Wassoulou Groove delivers our album of the week, Dankélé meaning “the brave”, those who work, those who suffer.

Radio Mukambo also serves Martinican afrogrooves by Philo & Les Voix du Tambour , Onipa‘s afro-futurism and reggae/dub/dancehall from Jamaica, Beljam & Mali +++ new singles by Etuk Ubong (Nigeria), Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers (voodoo trance) ++ Afro-Brazilian bass music by Léo Leobons.

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CD of the week: Bamba Wassoulou Groove – Dankélé


  1. Bamba Wassoulou Groove – Manamanako

  2. Philo & Les Voix du Tambour – Djoubakatoumba

  3. Onipa feat. Wiyaala – Kon Kon Sa

  4. Black Roots – Just Look Back

  5. Bamba Wassoulou Groove – Maguett

  6. Proyecto Secreto – Mike Tyson Dub

  7. Fitta Warri – Jayz You Mouth

  8. Bamba Wassoulou Groove – Donzo Djine

  9. Etuk Ubong – Purpose of Creation

  10. Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers – Move Tan

  11. Mdou Moctar – Tiknass (Sunbone)

  12. Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew & Baja Frequencia feat. ASM, Youthstar & Illaman – Party at Jay’s

  13. Léo Leobons – Ogún (Maga Bo Remix)

  14. Léo Leobons – Caboclo (DJ Tahira Edit)