Podcast: Rhythm Passport Presents… #28

Rhythm Passport holders get ready to hop on board our monthly Rhythm Passport Presents journey on the RTM.FM airwaves.

It’s November, and that means the music expo season is in full swing. We’re busy bouncing between one event after another, having the time of our lives, to discover and shine a light on some of the amazing acts enriching the world music world.

Just last week, we were at Womex in A Coruña, where we recorded a truly unique episode of Rhythm Passport Presents, featuring some brilliant artists.

For the next couple of hours, you’ll meet Triana y Luca, Evoéh, Rémi from Les Humanophones, Alice in WonderBand, and Darya Mosenzon.

They treated us to live performances, a spontaneous jam session, and even shared some tunes for the show.

Huge thanks to Womex, RTVE – Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, S.A., and EBU – European Broadcasting Union for their support, time, patience, expertise and studio access that made this show possible…

Track list:

1.Triana y Luca – Aguamarina (Live)
2. Interview with Triana y Luca
3. Triana y Luca – Recuerdos de Tánger (Live)
4. Triana y Luca – Malinche (Live)
5. Simon Diaz – Canto De Ordeño
6. Mayte Martin – Vidalita (Vilalita)
7. Interview with Evoéh, Rémi Leclerc & Alice in WonderBand
8. Evoéh – Unha Noite Na Eira Do Trigo
9. Rémi Leclerc – Improvisation
10. Alice in WonderBand – Mesečinka (Live)
11. Alice in WonderBand – Maria Ramo de Palma
12. Evoéh, Rémi Leclerc & Alice in WonderBand – Jam
13. Evoéh – Ajuar Nuevo
14. Les Humanophones – Magnet
15. Alice in WonderBand – Ergen Dedo
16. Interview with Darya Mosenzon
17. Darya Mosenzon – Bivhilu (Live)
18. Darya Mosenzon – Exactly (Live)
19. Darya Mosenzon – Karov (Live)
20. Darya Mosenzon – Samai Andalu




Photo ©: Anna Shvets



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