Podcast: Rhythm Passport Presents… #1 (November 2021)

Thanks to the cool people at Taco!, the Thamesmead-based artist-led organisation, we are finally back “on air”!

After a few months of radio silence, we are indeed pretty excited about our new monthly residency at one of the most vibrant community-led stations in London, RTM.FM, and to introduce you to the very first episode of our brand-new show.

Rhythm Passport Presents… is our way to get you acquainted with and let you enjoy some of the most quality fresh-from-the-oven releases from all over the world-music world.

So, follow us in our one-hour-long round-the-world music journey, from China to Argentina, Saigon twist to Ecuadorian rockola and everything in between. An hour of global beats and far-reaching sounds.

Track list:


Photo ©: Anna Shvets



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