Podcast: Rhythm Passport on Air w/ 47Soul (October 2019)

We never kept secret that we have something for 47Soul, the London-based shamstep band, whose roots in Palestine and Jordan are reflected in their music, which is also a blend with electronic, dub and reggae.

So, every time there’s an opportunity to write about or have a chat with them, well… we seize it!

It happened again a few days ago, when Christina Hazboun, from MARSM UK, caught up with the musicians just before their last show this year in London (at ULU Live on Saturday the 26th of October).

We visited the band in their home and spoke about their work, inspiration and how their songs blur cultural and geographic borders.  


1. 47Soul  Intro to Shamstep  [from Shamstep]

2. 47Soul  Dabbeekeh [from Shamstep]

3. 47Soul  Locked Up Shop [from Balfron Promise]

4. 47Soul  Hold Your Ground [unreleased]