Daily Discovery: El Far3i – Izza

Palestinian-Jordanian songwriter, rapper, drummer, and producer El Far3i has released his new single “Izza.” The single delves into themes of resilience, identity, and the ongoing struggles of the Palestinian people. The lyrics reflect on the harsh realities of life in Gaza, touching on issues of displacement, loss, and the enduring spirit of the community. The song combines heartfelt poetry with powerful social commentary, aiming to shed light on the challenges faced by Palestinians.

Musically, “Izza” merges hip-hop rhymes and flow with organic house, broken beat, and downtempo elements, creating a complex and multilayered sound. The production by Wardenclyph features intricate electronic beats, while the recording, mixing, and mastering by Dub Caravan add depth and clarity to the track, ensuring a polished final product.

You can follow El Far3i on his official website and Bandcamp page