Podcast: Rhythm Passport On Air w/ TootArd (August 2020)

There’s no doubt that, since last time we met them two years ago, the Nakhleh brothers have grown up, changed and arguably matured. Musically, they sound like two different people. As much as TootArd, the group they founded in Majdal Shams (their hometown on the Golan Heights) in 2010, sounds like a different band.

In the last ten years, TootArd’s journey brought the musicians to unearth the roots of Middle Eastern music, as well as revealing their far-reaching influences and inspiration. So much so, that their three albums sound musically worlds apart.

If their debut, Nuri Andaburi, was upbeat and reggae-scented, the second-born Laissez-Passer exposed their love for Tuareg blues and its guitars. Finally, their latest work Migrant Bird (published in May by Glitterbeat) revealed a dancy instinct brimming with synths and oozing funk and disco.

So, we thought it was time to get in touch with the Nakhlehs once again and ask them how TootArd’s adventure is moving forward and what it means to release a new album in these mad times.

In addition, to enrich the new episode of Rhythm Passport on Air, we also wanted to bring you some fresh tunes from the world music world.


TootArd – Laissez Passer [from Laissez-Passer; Glitterbeat Records, 2017]

TootArd – Sahra [from Laissez Passer; 2017]

TootArd – Red Sea Disco [from Migrant Bird; Glitterbeat Records, 2020]

TootArd – Pretty Woman [from Migrant Bird; 2020]

Ariwo – Flameback Dance [from Door to the Cosmos; On the Corner Records, 2020]

Ana Tijoux feat. PJ Sin Suela – Pa Qué [from Antifa Dance; Victoria Producciones, 2020]

47Soul feat. Tamer Nafar & The Synaptik – Run [from Semitics; Cooking Vinyl, 2020]

Vukazithathe – Iyahlonishwa Indoda [Anibakhuzni; Teka Music, 2020]

Manu Chao feat. Chalart58 & High Paw: Promiscuity [from Promiscuity; Radio Bemba/La Panchita Records, 2020]

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Marina P – Soma [from Soul Radio; Scotch Bonnet Records, 2020]

Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN – Boum [from Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin; Jarring Effects, 2020]


Photo ©: Wael Abu Jabal