Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #77

Oh October, three hours of Nightshop global sounds with nine albums of the month. Starting with three songs of the day by Ghorwane (Mozambique), Raul Monsalve y los Forajidos (Venezuela) and Vidock (France).

Our albums of the month start with traditional spiritual gnawa music by Maalem Mahmoud Gania (Hive Mind Records), followed by the spiritual and ancestral debut album of Burkinabé griot musician Kaito Winse (Rebel Up), Ethiopian folk-pop by Music Yared and Sudanese funk by Gordon Koang (both on Music In Exile). Going deeper into eastern vibes, we travel to Turkey for the new saz dub live album of BaBa ZuLa (Night Dreamer / Gul Baba) and Southern India where Carnatic music meets Arab bass with Ammar 808 (Gliterbeat). Kenyan artist Disco Vumbi brings benga guitars and beats (Byrd Out), followed by electronic maloya beats of French duo Pangar (InFiné). Closing off with a compilation of organic electronic music made in COVID19 times on Fertil Discos label.

Download > https://bit.ly/3jQS7uFInd

.Ghorwane – Mayvavo
.Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos – Bocón ft Luzmira Zerpa
.Vidock – Assez

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Maalem Mahmoud GaniaAïcha (Hive Mind Records)
.Maalem Mahmoud Gania – La Ilha Illa Allah
.Maalem Mahmoud Gania – El Bahraoui

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Kaito WinseKaladounia (Rebel Up)
.Kaito Winse – Appel des Esprits
.Kaito Winse – Di Nya La
.Kaito Winse – Wasa

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Music YaredMusic Yared (Music In Exile)
.Music Yared – Rubus
.Music Yared – Kabsemai

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Gordon Koang – Unity (Music In Exile)
.Gordon Koang – Kone Ke Ran
.Gordon Koang – South Sudan

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Baba ZuLaHayvan Gibi (Night Dreamer / Gulbaba Records)
.Baba Zula – Sipa Dub (The Foal Dub) > from 8:40 onwards
.Baba Zula – Kelebekler Kuslar (Butterflies and Birds)
.Baba Zula – Tavus Havasi (Peacock Mood)

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ammar 808 – Global Control / Invisible Invasion (Glitterbeat)
.AMMAR 808 – Marivere gati (feat. Susha)
.AMMAR 808 – Ey paavi (feat. Kali Dass)
.AMMAR 808 – Duryodhana (feat. Thanjai Nayandi Melam)
.AMMAR 808 – Summa solattumaa (feat. Yogeswaran Manickam)

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Disco VumbiDisco Vumbi vol 2 (Byrd Out)
.Disco Vumbi – Kupe Kupe
.Disco Vumbi – Mukwano
.Disco Vumbi – Kibako

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Pangar1 (InFiné)
.Pangar – Pangar
.Pangar –Curare

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – Fuera del Tiempo, Postales de una Pausa (Fertil discos)
.Leo Silcan ft Antonia Oña – Jayri
.Jin Yerei ft. Pol Nada – La Mascarada
.Galo Vermelho ft. Tomás Batista – Justino (Viento Sur)



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