Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #94

Nightshop show for April via Radio Campus Bxl with +3 hours of new global sounds, also broadcasted via Rhythm Passport & Groovalizacion.

Starting with songs of the day by Gaïsha and Muito Kaballa. Our albums of the month take us to Martinique by Selene Saint-Aimé in creole jazz vibes, London gospel cosmic jazz by Alabaster dePlume and many guests, Mozambican songwriter Milton Gulli and his Afro-Luso sound and a compilation filled with 1980’s-2010 Guadaloupe gwoka hybrids.

Continued by Bengali-Italian duo MD After Hussain & Paq with reworked Baul folk songs into synthesizer sound and the Yemenite folk & brass sounds via DIY instruments by El Khat.

Finishing in dancefloor mode with African electronic albums by Fulu Muziki with DIY instruments, Alai K’s Kenyan bengatronics bass, the compilation Nyamakala Beats #3 with producers from Europe, the afro diaspora and Africa and ending with the singeli gabba mashups by Tanzanian DJ Travella.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3EdXejq

Track list:

Gaïsha – Ghalat
Muito Kaballa – Little Child

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Selene Saint-Aimé – Potimotan (Komos Jazz)
Selene Saint-Aimé – Mélisande
Selene Saint-Aimé – Ezili
Selene Saint-Aimé – Mawu
Selene Saint-Aimé – Arawak Uhuru

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Alabaster dePlumeGOLD (International Anthem)
Alabaster dePlume –A Gente Acaba (Vento Em Rosa)
Alabaster dePlume –I’m Good at Not Crying
Alabaster dePlume –People- What’s The Difference
Alabaster dePlume –Who Is A Fool

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Milton GulliQuotidiano (Tangential Music)
Milton Gulli – Lobo
Milton Gulli – Jogador
Milton Gulli – Marrabenta (Pés Preto)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – Léspri ka: New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981-2010 (Time Capsule Records)
Emboule Jean-Claude, Louison Gerome et Le Groupe Kako – Enjafann Kann 
Thibault Freydy Doressamy – Fon a Kê an Nou
Michel Laurent – Matla La Mouyé

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: MD After Hussain & PaqMatir Gaan (Songs Of The Earth) (Hive Mind Records)
MD After Hussain & Paq – The Whole Day Slipped Away (Helay Khelay Moner Anonde Din Furailo)
MD After Hussain & Paq – Pakhawaj
MD After Hussain & Paq – Shomapti

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: El KhatAlbat Alawi Op.99 (Glitterbeat records)
El Khat – Djaja
El Khat – La Sama
El Khat – Al Al Ma
El Khat – Said Min A’sawad

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Fulu MizikiNgbaka EP (Moshi Moshi Music)
Fulu Miziki – OK Seke Bien (ft. Sekelembele)
Fulu Miziki – Lokito (feat DJ final)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Alai K – Kila Mara (On The Corner Records)
Alai K – Kinyago
Alai K – Mganga
Alai K – Ishakua Tabu

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – Nyamakala Beats n°3 (Blanc Manioc)
La Dame feat. Cyril Atef – Mordido
Aunty Razor, Asna & Cardozo – Décalement
Oyoki Onanayo & Stelair – Souké Pou Siki
Asna & anyoneID – Abissa

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: DJ TravellaMr Mixondo (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
DJ Travella – FL Beat
DJ Travella – Chapa Bakola Music Bass
DJ Travella – Good Beat
DJ Travella – London Uwoteeee



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