Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #93

Nightshop show for March via Radio Campus Bxl with 3 hours of new global sounds, also broadcasted via Rhythm Passport & Groovalizacion Radio.

Starting with songs of the day from South Korea (Park Jiha) Ukraine (DakhaBrakha) and USA (Betty Davis).

Our albums of the month take us to Cabo Verde morna & coladeira songs by The Ano Nobo Quartet, Palestinian violin and traditional by composer Akram Abdulattah, La Reunion quintet Grand Sorcier and their maloya jazz fusion sound and Ghanaian highlife soul by K.O.G.

Followed by the soaring desert guitars of trio Etran de L’Aïr from Agadez Niger, synthesizer disco by Arp Frique with Mariseya, Americo Brito and The Scorpios, electronic dancefloor pop by Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul and the cosmic South Asian compositions by Dutch band Yin Yin.

Ending with electronic releases by Argentinian cumbia dub producer Maxiroots and the deep Portuguese folklore downtempo vibes by duo Bandua.
Download here: https://bit.ly/3L4tCat

Track list:

Park Jiha – Restlessly Towards
DakhaBrakha – Carpathian Rap
Betty Davis – Don’t Call Her No Tramp

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: The Ano Nobo QuartetThe Strings of São Domingos (Ostinato Records)
The Ano Nobo Quartet – Sociedad Di Mocindadi
The Ano Nobo Quartet – Tio Bernar
The Ano Nobo Quartet – Canta Ku Alma Magoado

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Akram AbdulfattahFrom Here (self-released)
Akram Abdulfattah – Yallah Mashi
Akram Abdulfattah – Ardi

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Grand SorcierNénen (Discobole records)
Grand Sorcier – Porter La Brez
Grand Sorcier – Ou Saret Bef

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) – Zone 6, Agege (Heavenly Sweetness)
K.O.G – Mayedeen
K.O.G – Shidaa
K.O.G – Gbelemo

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Etran de l’AïrAgadez (Sahel Sounds)
Etran de l’Aïr – Toubouk Ine Chihoussay
Etran de l’Aïr – Imouwizla
Etran de l’Aïr – Tchingolene

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Arp FriqueThe Seed (Rush Hour music)
Arp Frique – Nyame Ye ft Mariseya
Arp Frique – La Musique Du Soleil ft. Americo Brito & Mariseya
Arp Frique – Habibi ft. The Scorpios

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Charlotte Adigery & Bolis PupulTopical Dancer (Deewee Records)
Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul – Esperanto
Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul – It Hit Me
Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul – HAHA

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Yin YinThe Age Of Aquarius (Glitterbeat)
Yin Yin – Faiyadansu
Yin Yin – Nautilus
Yin Yin – The Age of Aquarius

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: MaxirootsConcentrate EP (Samedia Trax)
Maxiroots – Concentrate Yourself ft Bianca Ciocca
Maxiroots – Cumbion Del Parque

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: BanduaBandua (Frente Bolivarista)
Bandua – Borboleta Branca
Bandua – Encandeia
Bandua – Ceifa



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