Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #81

Show for February 2021 on Radio Campus Bxl & Rhythm Passport, 3 hours of new global sounds.

We have four songs of the day from a Palestine cult group via Akuphone, Maroc 60’s flower pop via Habibi Funk, African electronics (Shika Shika) and tribal percussion. Our albums of the month are by Malian diva singer Nahawa Doumbia on Awesome Tapes from Africa, soulful sounds from La Reunion by Christine Salem and UK/American project Sault with hopeful soul, boogiefunk & afrobeat.

Followed by Djibouti funk band 4 Mars on Ostinato Records the new album by Brussels global grooves band Azmari on Sdban Records and Ghanian kologo supergroup Alostmen on Strut Records. For an electronic end to our show we have new albums by Lion’s Drums Kagabas project on indigenous music from Colombia on Biologic Records, HHY & The Kampala Unit on Nyege Nyege Tapes and their deep brass bass sound and experimental mahraganat electro chaabi by 3Phaz on 100Copies Music from Cairo, Egypt.

Download here: http://tiny.cc/rup81

Track list:

Sabreen – A Patriotic Song
Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah – Kaddaba
Anka Foh – Tata
Nilotika Cultural Ensemble – Kekusimbe

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nahawa DoumbiaKanawa (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
Nahawa Doumbia – Blonda Yirini
Nahawa Doumbia – Didadi
Nahawa Doumbia – Foliwilen

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Christine SalemMersi (Blue Fanal)
Christine Salem – Izaé
Christine Salem – Tynbo
Christine Salem – Laye Layé

Sault – Rise
Sault – Little Boy
Sault – Strong
Sault – I Just Want To Dance

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: 4 MarsSuper Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura (Djibouti Archives Vol. 1) (Ostinato records)
4 Mars – Lama Rabeen Karo (It Cannot Be Desired)
4 Mars – Dhulka Hooyo (Motherland)

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Azmari Sama’i (SDban records)
Azmari – Cosmic Masadāni
Azmari –Kugler
Azmari –Fat Ari

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: AlostmenTeach Me (Strut Records)
Alostmen – Teach Me (Ghana Mix)
Alostmen – Kologo feat. Wanlov the Kubolor
Alostmen – Lorogo

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Lion’s Drums – Kagabas (Biologic Records)
Lion’s Drums – Alouatta (hembra)
Lion’s Drums – Snake
Lion’s Drums – Deer

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: HHY & The Kampala UnitLithium Blast (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
HHY & The Kampala Unit – Queendom
HHY & The Kampala Unit – Shining Scar
HHY & The Kampala Unit – Mesh Intensifier
HHY & The Kampala Unit – Curse Go Back

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: 3Phaz – Three Phase (100copies Music)
3Phaz – Dawayer
3Phaz – Siren
3Phaz – Drill


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