Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #117

Nightshop show #117 for May! 2 songs of the day, via old Portuguese fado to new Ghanaian funk.

Albums of the month with Australian trio Glass Beams and their oriental psychedelic sound, Belgian cinematic groove band Kolonel Djafaar, compilation with 60’s-70’s Congolese recordings in Belgium on new label Covadia records and a compilation of Togolese 70’s-80’s soul via Hot Casa label.

We continue in more rocky vibes with Serbian band Skofja Loka from Belgrade, Swiss duo Cyril Cyril and their post punk vibes, Colombian band La Sonora Mazuren with their swinging tropical cumbia songs, Mexican- Colombian duo Mambe & Danochilango with their latin bass sound, Belgian trio spëcht and their global percussive compositions, Angolan producer DJ Satelite and his strong kuduro bass productions and French producer Chineur and his euro-oriental bass club sounds.

Download: https://shorturl.at/izO05



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