Podcast: Rebel Passport at Balkan:MOST
with Alice in Wonderband

Author Marco Canepari / Photo by Kovács Bálint

Rhythm Passport holders, welcome to another episode of Rebel Passport, our podcast series dedicated to showcasing exceptional talent from the world music world.

Today we travel to Veszprém by the shore of Lake Balaton, where in early September we had the privilege of attending Balkan:Most and encountering musicians who are reshaping and bringing new meanings to Balkan music.

Since 1998, Ana (Vrbaški) and Marko (Dinjaski) have melded Balkan traditional melodies with body music and percussion, and their performances blend vibrancy, rhythm, power, and energy, creating a unique intersection of music, dance, and stage artistry. So fasten your seatbelt as we explore Alice in Wonderband‘s inspiring journey through Balkan music.

Plus, stay tuned for their upcoming performances in October, including the 14th in Skopje at the Vinoskop Festival and the 30th in Porto at the Casa Da Horta Cultural Association.

Track list:

1. Alice in Wonderband – Jovano, Jovanke
2. Alice in Wonderband – Bratec Kosio
3. King Crimson – Matte Kudasai
4. Alice in Wonderband – Ruse Kose / Kâtibim / Apo Xeno Topo
5. Alice in Wonderband – Mene Majka Jednu Ima
6. Alice in Wonderband – Bukuroshja E Lales
7. Alice in Wonderband – Zajdi, Zajdi






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