Podcast: Radio Mukambo #552 – Future Tradition

Global beats abound on Radio Mukambo with two albums of the week and a retro-futuristic compilation. Fixed Error delivers a fusion of jazz vibes and funky dancefloor energy on Untold, a post-genre exploration by the restless musical adventurer James Orr from Melbourne, Australia.

On Mèt Ansamb, Sofaz literally “puts together” the poetry of Creole, the trance of gnawa & maloya, the power of West African percussion and the finesse of Mandingo guitar.

Future Tradizioni links the past folklore of Italy with the beats of the future, while female rap duo Zetas brings nineties hiphop to present day Salerno, on the southwestern coast of Italy.

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Album of the week: Fixed ErrorUntold

Album of the week: SofazMèt Ansamb


  1. Fixed Error – White Label
  2. Sofaz – Sawayé
  3. SofazKonbyin Lwa
  4. Zetas – Funky Shit
  5. Insintesi feat. Valeria Quarta & Giulia Provenzano – Lu cantu dub
  6. Zetas – Didattica
  7. Amani Greene & Dogu feat. Bad Sparksy – Tebinsetula
  8. Sofaz – Koronika
  9. Fixed Error – Wax Lyrical
  10. Avit feat. Anabel Rose – Buruma Buruma
  11. DJ Farrapo feat. Federica Doniselli, Fabio Tricomi e Antonio Pizzarelli – Carpinese
  12. Didje Doo – Lu sole ca dda’ calà
  13. Fixed Error – Flute Fight
  14. Ancient Astronauts feat. Niina MC – Singa
  15. Onipa feat. Moonchild Sanelly – Danger
  16. Grissino feat. Iubal e Pitularita – Fulltime




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