Podcast: Radio Mukambo #551 – Don’t Worry About The Groove

Radio Mukambo takes you to Leuven, Belgium, for a journey through afrobeat, deep funk and sitar mixed with psycho-dub by Alpacas Collective. Their second album Big Words is our album of the week.

Then we go south to Spain with Kwame Adzraku, Ghanian bandleader & afrobeat pioneer in Barcelona, Spain. His album Don’t Worry About The Life is an afrobeat masterpiece.

We also listen to new sounds by Balaphonics & Mary May from France, Azmari from Belgium, The KTO Project from Zimbabwe, Jumbo System from France, Tahira from Brazil, London Afrobeat Collective from the UK, Christine Salem from Reunion Island and beyond!

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Kwame AdzrakuDon’t Worry About The Life

Album of the week: Alpacas CollectiveBig Words



  1. Alpacas Collective – Gunkali
  2. Kwame Adzraku – Ohiabonee
  3. Jumbo System – Alarm Clock
  4. Alpacas Collective feat. Neg Madnick – Movéfèzè
  5. Kwame Adzraku – Money De Kill
  6. Azmari – Zargana
  7. Balaphonics & Mary May – Mr Greedy
  8. Onipa feat. Dele Sosimi – Marching Over
  9. London Afrobeat Collective – Topesa Esengo Na Motema
  10. The KTO Project feat. Wamkanganise – Mafaro eZimbabwe
  11. Latinaotearoa feat. Ully Costa – Chi Chi Cha Cha (Tahira Remix)
  12. Luedji Luna – Banho de Folhas (Tahira Maculele Edit)
  13. Christine Salem & DJ Click – Malouwé (Urban Mix)




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